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Product Overview

RX563 Thermal Prescription Paper - 16 rolls

- 21# Thermal Paper 
- Roll Width = 4-3/8" 
Roll Diameter = 3-5/8" - 250' roll (approximately 500 scripts/roll)

Available in carton quantities - 16 rolls/carton

Secure Tamper Resistant Rx Paper Rolls contain the following security features: 

  • Hidden Message Technology ~ "VOID" pantograph
  • Distinctive Blue Colored Background
  • Blue background Erasure Protection
  • Artificial Watermark on reverse side of form
  • Warning Band on face specifying security features
  • Control batch number printed on back of form
  • Secure Rub™ Color Change Ink on back of script
       Words Red SECURE Rx disappears briefly when rubbed
  • Top of form sensing mark on back of sheet
        5-1/2" Repeat
  • Coin Activated Security on back of script
  • UV Security
    Invisible Images are visible when viewed under black light
       Words "SECURE ~ RX PAPER appear on back of form when viewed under black light.


A copy of a valid DEA Certificate is required if shipping to a residence.
Sales of tamper-resistant forms are strictly controlled by state and federal regulations.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review

At Lucas Distribution, LLC you will find

  • A complete line of printer paper tray locks designed to secure and to keep preprinted forms or valuable paper in your printers secure from theft.
  • Competitive prices on Medicaid- approved SecureGuardTM Laser Prescription Paper.
  • Custom printed 1-part or 2-part Rx Pads on Medicaid- approved SecureGuardTM Laser Prescription Paper.
  • Bilingual carbonless 2-part patient sign-in sheets

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