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Printer Paper Tray Lock Compatibility Tips

Printer Paper Tray Lock

Not sure which lock will work best with your printer or copier?  Please contact us at 770-554-5560 or email to sales@lucasdist.com.  Provide your printer model, which trays you need to lock, and if a copier, is it equipped with an external sorter/finisher.  We will promptly recommend the best locking solution to meet your requirements!

Note: if your printer paper supply is accessible from the rear of the printer (most often seen with HP printers), use the PTL-ETC with a PTL lock to secure the paper tray and prevent removal of paper from the rear of the printer.

Note: Use the PTL-SL Side Lock Kit to lock the main printer to extra paper trays to prevent someone from lifting a printer from the extra tray to gain access to the supplies.