Have questions about securing your printer using our Printer Paper Tray Locks?  We address most of
the commonly-asked questions in the Frequently Asked Questions listed below. 

If you cannot find an answer to your question on printer paper tray locks please call us at 770-554-5560 or send
an email to sales@lucasdist.com and we will normally reply to you within 4 hours during normal business hours!


 - Can PTL Locks be removed and reused if I buy a new printer?

Yes - If you replace your printer, you may unlock the PTL Cover Plate and unscrew the side plate from the flex feet. The flex feet cannot be reused. Replacement flex feet and adhesive are available for a nominal charge to allow you to reinstall your PTL lock on your new printer.

- Can PTL locks be keyed alike?

Our locks can be keyed alike, differently, or in batches at no extra charge. We can also key subsequent orders the same as previous orders.

- Can a PTL 3 or PTL 5 lock and PTL-Mini lock be keyed alike?

Yes – any of our standard PTL locks and PTL-Mini locks can be keyed alike.

- If locks are keyed differently can I obtain a master key that will open any lock?

You can obtain a master key to open locks that are keyed differently. You will need to inform us that you would like a master key at the time of your first order.

- Can I obtain a replacement key if I lose my key?

Yes - we offer replacement keys – if you lose a key or would like additional keys please contact us by phone or email. We can provide replacement keys for a nominal charge.

- How can I determine which lock to use?

Call us at 770-554-5560 or drop us an email at sales@lucasdist.com and tell us which model printer you wish to lock. We will help you find the right lock for your machine!

- Do you have any resellers outside the United States?

Yes, Lucas Distribution works with resellers outside the United States:

Lexmar Direct, Ltd - located in the United Kingdom, provides a complete line of PTL locks and accessories


Seaward Agencies Pty Ltd - located in Queensland, Australia, provides complete line of PTL locks and accessories


- Do you ship locks to countries outside the United States?

Yes - if you are outside Europe or Australia, select your country during the checkout process and we will automatically calculate the shipping costs. If your country is not listed in the shipping selections, send an email to sales@lucasdist.com and we will advise shipping costs to your country. Customer is responsible for any VAT or Import Duty and is payable upon receipt of the product.

- If I buy locks now and later decide to add additional locks, can I key the new locks the same as my existing locks?

Yes, we record the key code for your locks and we can provide additional locks keyed the same as your current locks.

- Which credit cards do you accept for payment?

We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit cards.
If you wish to setup Net 30 terms and use a Purchase Order, please contact us by email or telephone to setup your account.

- How can I place an order?

There are several ways to order locks:
1. Use our secure online order page to order using your credit card
2. Email us at sales@lucasdist.com - we will contact you to confirm your order and accept your payment information
3. Call us at 770-554-3560 and we will accept your order over the phone

- What do I do if the lock I ordered doesn’t fit my printer?

Call us at 770-554-5560 or send an email to sales@lucasdist.com and we will ship the correct lock to you. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee - if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase we will make it right or refund your purchase price!

*Custom, specialty orders or bulk purchases (25+ locks) may be subject to a 20% restock fee.

- How easy is it to install the PTL lock?

The PTL locks are easy to install. Each order of locks will ship with an installation manual. We also recommend you watch our short installation video at https://lucasdist.com/video-resources/  You can always contact us at 770-554-5560 or email sales@lucasdist.com with any questions.

- Do you offer quantity discounts?

Call us at 770-554-5560 or email to sales@lucasdist.com for more information.

- Do you have a warranty on the PTL locks?

We offer a lifetime manufacturer's warranty covering all defective parts and products.

- How secure are the paper tray locks?

Our locks are very safe and secure and are used by companies worldwide to secure plain paper, prescription paper, blank checks, etc.

- Can I order a custom-colored lock?

No, we do not offer custom colors

- What is the standard lead time to receive locks?

Orders normally ship in 2 days or less.  If you need a larger quantity of locks or special key codes please allow up to 7-10 business days to prepare your order.

 - Can you ship to a PO Box?

No, we use FedEx for shipping and they will not deliver to a PO Box.

At Lucas Distribution, LLC you will find

  • A complete line of printer paper tray locks designed to secure and to keep preprinted forms or valuable paper in your printers secure from theft.
  • Competitive prices on Medicaid- approved SecureGuardTM Laser Prescription Paper.
  • Custom printed 1-part or 2-part Rx Pads on Medicaid- approved SecureGuardTM Laser Prescription Paper.
  • Bilingual carbonless 2-part patient sign-in sheets

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