Video Resources

Video Resources

Please utilize the videos below as a helpful resource.

Paper Tray Lock Installation Guide

Paper Tray Lock Torture Test

Check out our new PTL torture test video! We received many calls from people asking how strong our paper tray locks really are. We listened to your questions and made this strength test video as a response. In this video we try to rip a paper tray lock off using our bare hands, pry bar, crowbar, and a hammer. We were unable to pry the lock off even using the crowbar and hammer!

At Lucas Distribution, LLC you will find

  • A complete line of printer paper tray locks designed to secure and to keep preprinted forms or valuable paper in your printers secure from theft.
  • Competitive prices on Medicaid- approved SecureGuardTM Laser Prescription Paper.
  • Custom printed 1-part or 2-part Rx Pads on Medicaid- approved SecureGuardTM Laser Prescription Paper.
  • Bilingual carbonless 2-part patient sign-in sheets

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