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Product Overview

The Dongle Lockbox-XL-HDMI model is the HDMI version of the Dongle Lockbox, a security device to prevent theft of a HDMI key (sometimes referred to as a dongle).

The XL-HDMI is ideal for protecting streaming media players like: Amazon Fire Stick (except 4K model), Roku and Google Chromecast from theft in public places like: lobbies, conference rooms, waiting rooms, and school labs.  

Includes one (1) HDMI cable approximately 36" (910 mm) in length and one HDMI right angle adapter. The maximum length HDMI dongle that will fit in a Dongle Lockbox-XL-HDMI is 3.8" (97mm), measured from end to end, not including the male jack.  Please select the device that you are using with the lockbox so we can ship the correct adapter.  **Not compatible with the Amazon 4K Fire Stick**

Optional Anchor Kit available - attaches to any smooth surface with included adhesive

 Ships within 48 hours of order placement



(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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